Grades K-12
Small Group Classes

  • Social Learning

  • Improved Cognitive Function & Self Awareness
  • Develop better communication skills in Tamil
  • Deeper understanding of Tamil
  • Greater Intrinsic motivation to learn and achieve
  • Greater ability to view situations from others’ perspectives.
  • Share diverse perspectives.

Enjoy Group Classes with new friends

Live Online Tamil Classes & Small Group Classes provide unique, live learning experiences that can inspire your student to love whatever it is they want to learn, from Tamil Vowels to Advanced Literature.

Collaborative & Delightful Experience

Students can learn and collaborate with other students, all while experiencing the social interactions that are key to their education. So, Live Online Tamil Classes help them to grow at a faster pace.

Small Group split into multiple break out sessions

Structured Curriculum

We Start with a conversation. We want to understand where student has challenges. Where they perform well and where they want to achieve.

Using the results of our adaptive assessment and the insights you share, we can develop a personalized learning path.

Based on our assessment, we assign a perfect Tamil Tutor.

A Platform built for learning Tamil

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Calendar Group




Tamil Tutor

Our Team

Through English, you can learn, Understand, read, speak, write, debate and narrate Tamil through our systematic approach. It is to encourage Tamil children to read and learn Tamil. In addition our videos helps to correct pronunciation is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, Elementary Schools. We are building a strong Tamil community by providing and encouraging our kids to learn Tamil. Tamil Tutor serves non-profit organizations, charities, grassroots and community groups, educational and research institutions.

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